Saturday, November 7, 2009

Imitation Jewellery

With the price of gold reaching the skies it has become difficult for the middle class to buy gold ornaments.
Diamonds were also out of the the buying range although their prices have not risen to the same extent as gold.
Imitation jewellery has therefore become a necessity.
If worn carefully, they can last a number of years and we don't have to fear muggers.
Then, when we have worn them to our satisfaction we can discard them and buy new ones.
I have given below a few designs with model nos which I have in stock.
There are plenty of other designs which shall be progressively displayed.


Model: AB 1065

Model: AB 1061

Model: AB 1062

Model: AB 1063

Model: AB 1064

Model: AS 1014

Model: AS 1013

Model: AS 1012

Model: AS 1011

Model: AS 1008

Model: AS 1007

Model: AS 1010

Model: AS 1009

Model: AS 1001

Model: AS 1004

Model: AS 1002

Model: AS 1003

Model: AS 1005

Model: AS 1006